Greetings, fellow Eagles!

As we know through our faith traditions, spring is a time of new life. It is marked on campus by the abundance of colorful flowers and in the hopes and dreams of our students, especially those who are graduating with the spirit and energy required to tackle any challenge that comes their way.
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Marc and Mary Seidner

Better Than They Found It

When BC needs them, Mary Lou and Marc Seidner answer the call. Get to know these University citizens and learn why they’re so passionate about helping others.
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Shining a Light on Opportunity

Be a Beacon brings to light the tremendous power of scholarships at BC. Read about the impact it’s had in year one.
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Parental Guidance

The Parents Leadership Council enters a new era as Suzie and Habib Gorgi hand over the reins to new co-chairs Peter and April Kelly.
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Beliefs, Perspectives, and Conversations

BC’s long-term success is only as good as its plan. Mara Hermano is using her art history background to shape the University’s future.


Take a peek inside BC leaders’ offices

The Show Goes On

Peek behind the curtain as Theatre Department chair Luke Jorgensen talks teaching, COVID adaptations, and some of the more interesting things you’ll find in his office.

Academic Excellence and Innovation

Laura Steinberg

IN FOCUS: Seidner Family Executive Director of the Schiller Institute

Meet Laura Steinberg, the woman who plans to lift BC to a national leadership role in addressing critical issues in energy, health, and the environment.
Laura Steinberg

Beacon Book Club

A storied tradition begins a new chapter

Vincent D Rougeau

BC Law Dean Vincent Rougeau makes his selection for the book list that honors the legacy of Fr. Neenan.

Vincent D Rougeau

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